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"We're not looking for 20 carbon copies, we recruit people from lots of different stages in their career."

Samantha Hope

Graduate Recruitment Manager

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If you are studying a law degree, the earliest you can apply for a English Training Contract is in your penultimate year. For non-law students, you can apply from your final year. If you are applying for a Scottish Traineeship, the earliest you can apply is in your penultimate year of a law degree, or 1st year of the accelerated LLB.

We also accept applications from graduates, applicants studying the GDL / LPC / Scottish Accelerated LLB / Diploma in Legal Practice and career changers.

We are looking for more than consistently good academics, we value other experiences very highly too. This could include work experience, a part or full-time job, commerciality, travel, music, sport or culture.

Law requires a high level of intellect, but we look for candidates with strengths in other areas too, which is why our minimum academic criteria is CCC at 'A' level and a degree in any subject (or equivalents). Think about how you'll show evidence of the strengths you have in other areas on your application form.

Placement application process

  • Submit your application before 28th February
  • Notified during April if you have been successful
  • Log on to our online system to accept your place
  • Your Placement will be arranged in your office of choice

Training contract application process

  • Submit your application before 30th June
  • Notified during July if you are being progressed to the next stage
  • Attend an Assessment Day between 26th - 29th July in our Birmingham office
  • Notified shortly after whether you have been successful in securing a Training Contract.

We do not carry out any psychometric, verbal or numerical reasoning tests at application or assessment stage.

That might make a start at answering your question, but if you have any more have a look at our FAQ page, tweet our trainees directly at or email us at

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