Data protection advice

Data protection advice

Our data protection team are supported by a team of commercial and employment lawyers with specialist knowledge in this field, as the overlap with employment law is often relevant in the context of employee personal data.

We provide cost-effective template documentation to help companies put in place compliance measures, including privacy policies, data transfer agreements, data processing agreements with service providers, and online/paper form data collection notices.

Recent experience includes:

  • Advising a global leader in the catering and facilities management sector on all their data protection issues. This has included a multi-site audit of the entire UK business, and subsequently advising on remedial compliance measures, plus the provision of ad hoc advice on various issues, including subject access requests and trans-border data flows to the US parent corporation
  • Advising various clients on handling subject access requests made by customers and ex-employees, including identifying relevant data, advising on exemptions that may be relied upon and data that may be redacted
  • Advising one of the world's largest furniture retailers on various compliance issues, including online collection of data for marketing and sales promotion purposes and the operation of their customer loyalty card database
  • Advising a number of large UK corporations on handling data security breaches arising from incidents such as lost laptops and rogue employees. We have advised on whether notification to the Information Commissioner and/or affected individuals is required, and assisted with the implementation of notifications and with remedial measures to prevent future breaches

In addition to advising clients, we often provide on-site client training.

We regularly publish articles on data protection issues in legal updates sent to clients, and in external publications (most recently in Computer and Law magazine). We also speak at conferences on data protection issues and are regular attendees at privacy conferences and the Data Protection Forum.