Black History Month with Stephanie Pincher

Black History Month with Stephanie Pincher


Author: Stephanie Pincher, Trainee Solicitor

Stephanie was the first in her family to go to university, but she didn't let that stop her securing work experience and a training contract at her dream firm. Find out how she did it here.

Stephanie Pincher

My father always said that "the world could not handle another Stephanie" because I was so argumentative. Growing up with three brothers meant that I always had to fight my corner! I come from a working class family and was the first to venture off to university. This was surprising for some as being a lawyer was deemed a rather prestigious career choice. I studied hard at law school, whilst working at Superdrug every Saturday and Sunday which served as pocket money.

During the summer holidays of law school I was fortunate enough to gain work experience in a small high street practice, specialising in Crime, Family and Immigration. Once I finished my LPC I found work in again another high street practice working in Personal Injury. Whilst this experience was excellent for me and it gave me a great foundation, I had an appetite to work in a larger, more corporate setting. Shoosmiths really appealed to me because those that work there seemed so friendly and down to earth, notwithstanding the fact that it was an award winning firm with many accolades on its shelf.

I always enjoyed civil litigation and was thrilled to secure a paralegal role within the Birmingham's Medical Negligence team. I worked in the team for just over 2 years and with the support of my supervising partner I applied for the Training Contract via the Firm's internal programme. After a rigorous assessment process, I was of course delighted when I was informed that I had been successful and so started my training contact in September 2015!

I am incredibly proud to train with such an amazing firm who really do put its people first. I'm now in the second year of my training and looking forward to qualifying in 2017 with this number one national law firm!