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People often think you need to read Law at university to become a lawyer, but it's not true. What you do need, is to be enthusiastic, motivated and committed to your career to get a Training Contract at Shoosmiths.

Our trainees are talented individuals who are encouraged to implement new ideas to engage with our people and clients, and bring a pinch of variety and fun to the firm. They start their careers at different points in their lives, come from different backgrounds, schools and universities, and the subjects they study are diverse, much like our clients.

Our trainees stood out from thousands of applications, and hundreds interviewed... but how? Read about where they came from, why they chose a career in law, and what steered them towards Shoosmiths, as well as the opportunities that await them in the future.

Graduate trainee profiles

That might make a start at answering your question, but if you have any more, tweet our trainees directly at #AskShoos or email [email protected]

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