A day in the life of a Corporate Trainee - Companies, Clients and Caffeine!

A day in the life of a Corporate Trainee - Companies, Clients and Caffeine!

Author: Pardeep Jagpal, Trainee Solicitor

Pardeep, a trainee solicitor in Shoosmiths' Nottingham office, shares her experience of a typical working day in the Corporate practice group.

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Pardeep Jagpal, Trainee Solicitor

Working in corporate law is exciting, fulfilling and serious hard work! My day can range from dealing with simple administrative matters such as drafting letters to being involved in multi-million pound deals drafting, negotiating and managing transaction documents.

Here is a typical day for me working as a trainee in the corporate practice group.

I arrive in the office ready to conquer the day. I read my emails, update my work list but most importantly, have a strong cup of coffee!

We are working on a deal representing the Buyer in a share purchase and are in the process of drafting the due diligence report. This is a vital document for our client as everything we report will enable them to decide whether or not to proceed with the transaction. Having been fully involved from the inception of the matter, my supervisor has asked that I produce the first draft of the due diligence report and contact all relevant internal specialists to review their respective sections.

I have received a number of email notifications that new documents have been uploaded to the data room by the seller's solicitors. I go through each document and consider whether there is anything that needs to be brought to our client's attention. I discuss the potential issues with my supervisor, who provides me with guidance on how to approach large quantities of information and its relevance to the client.

I am asked by a partner to conduct a company search on a target company in a new transaction and its related companies. He needs this information immediately before he goes on a call to the client at 12:00pm. I decide the due diligence report can wait until this is done and I proceed with the search.

I get a call from a colleague in the Birmingham office who requires completion searches to be done immediately. I proceed to complete searches on the companies and individuals involved and check the filing history for the company to make sure no last minute changes have been made before reporting back to the colleague with the results.

I am asked by a senior associate to join her in a client meeting taking place at 1pm. The transaction involves a share sale of a small family owned business and as well as managing the data room, she wants me to draft the disclosure letter and manage the ancillary documents including drafting board minutes, stock transfer forms and organising Companies House filings. I realise the client meeting may last a couple of hours and so decide to have a quick lunch at my desk whilst making brief notes on the transaction in preparation of the meeting.

I return to my desk pleased having had the opportunity to meet the client face to face and understand the transaction and issues involved. A diary reminder pops up in my calendar to remind me to check the status of Companies House filings I made last week. I take 10 minutes to check and update the clients accordingly.

I start working on the disclosure letter. Drafting the specific disclosures will take time so I decide I need a caffeine refill before I start and do a team drinks round. One thing I've learnt during my time as a junior is that a hydrated team makes for a happy team!

I finish drafting the disclosure letter and print out a compare to proof read and give to the senior associate.

A colleague asks me to create a copy of a CD to send out to a client. As confident as I am with my IT skills, I decide this can wait until tomorrow as post time has already passed. I tidy up, make a list of tasks to be done first thing tomorrow and head to a networking event.

The networking event finishes and I decide to call it a night. The day was demanding but ultimately educating, productive and successful!

Although the workload is consistently of a high volume and often with short deadlines, through effective time management and a supportive and collaborative team you can successfully get through any day in corporate!