Newly qualified

"Supporting talent is important to us. Our Chief Executive Claire Rowe trained at Shoosmiths and has worked her way to the top."

Samantha Hope

Graduate Recruitment Manager

Newly qualified

At Shoosmiths we don't just think about the Training Contract, we're also thinking about the next step on your path to a legal career.

A long term legal career at Shoosmiths allows you to continue to learn and broaden your knowledge in an academic sense, whilst also giving you exposure to the commercial world. There is no better career for combining the intellectual and the practical than a legal career.

The transition to a qualified solicitor is straightforward, although it may be a bit strange to go from being a trainee on the Friday to having a trainee the following Monday! You will already have a lot of responsibility in your role and you will continue working more and more independently over the course of the year following your qualification. You will be invited to attend ongoing technical legal and business skills training to aid your personal and professional development.

Looking forward, there will be opportunities to progress to associate, senior associate and partner and there are development plans in place to help you achieve your goals in a desirable timeframe.

The great thing is you always know that there is help and support available whenever you need it whether as a trainee or a qualified solicitor.

We offer a competitive NQ salary of £40,000 in England (Sept 2017 rate) which based on extensive market research.

Some quotes from our recently qualified trainees:

  • "You never know what each day is going to bring, and that's exciting but also scary. I feel like the two years of training at Shoosmiths prepared me for my NQ role as much as is possible and although it's time to step-up and figure things out, it's great knowing I've got a support system behind me."
    Josephine HealySolicitor, NQ, Corporate, London
  • "Your training contract is your opportunity to impress and also find out what type of law you want to specialise in. Shoosmiths offers a great environment for juniors to learn and grow, and your training contract here will be full of exciting opportunities."
    James Arnold, NQ, Tax, Thames Valley
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