Gender pay reporting: Government website now live

Gender pay reporting: Government website now live


Author: Antonia Blackwell and Paula Rome

Applies to: England, Wales and Scotland

The government website to which certain organisations must download their gender pay and bonus reports has been launched and some employers have already taken the initiative to upload their gender pay information - already an interesting read.

Summary of the key requirements

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016 (the 'Regulations') requiring larger private sector employers to publish their gender pay gap figures came into force on 6 April 2017. Similar requirements for the public sector came into force on 31 March. In addition ACAS and the Government Equalities Office has published joint guidance on the new law.

The Regulations require affected employers to publish, annually, six pieces of prescribed information about the pay and bonus of men and women in their organisation. For private sector employers such information must be assessed as at the 5 April each year (known as the 'snapshot date').

The gender pay information must be signed off as accurate by a director (or equivalent in non-company structures) and published it on organisation's websites so that it is accessible to all employees and the public. Information must be kept on-line for three years. There is also a requirement to download the information to a government website.

See our earlier articles: Gender pay reporting: final version of ACAS guidance (published 13 April 2017); Public sector gender pay reporting: regulations published (published 25 January 2017) and Gender pay day: new regulations in force (published 6 April 2017).

Government website

The government has now provided details of its website to which organisations must download their gender pay information. The website displays the six pieces of mandatory information required by the Regulations. The name of the person responsible for the employer's gender pay gap report is also shown. There is currently no facility to display any voluntary narrative with the gender pay gap data although employers can link to their gender pay gap report on their own website.

Already published

Some employers have already begun to publish their gender pay gap information on the government's website.

The data can be filtered by sector, with employers self-selecting their sector from a list on the homepage. Some of the categories are very wide (such as 'wholesale and retail trade') whereas some are very specific (such as 'water supply'). It appears that employers are able to leave the sector blank which may be necessary where employers to not fit neatly into any one sector, although this will make benchmarking within sectors more difficult.

Still calculating

For those employers still compiling their reports, our checklist provides a helpful summary of some of the decisions which organisations should be taking now in relation to their first gender pay report: Gender pay reporting checklist: decisions to be made now (published 6 January 2017).


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