NPPF 2018 - Introduction

NPPF 2018 - Introduction


Author: Tim Willis

Applies to: England

The long anticipated draft revised National Planning Policy Framework , NPPF, proposals were published on 5 March 2018.

These bring forward proposals to amend existing policy first unveiled in the Housing White Paper and the Planning For The Right Homes In The Right Places consultation last year.

In announcing this current round of consultation the Prime Minister announced plans to penalise property developers who do not build homes quickly enough, urging them to "do their duty" to Britain. That comes on the back of comments from Ministers yesterday that the government may also introduce sanctions for so- called Nimby councils; who fail to provide housing against objective housing needs by "fudging" the housing figures.

There is already some dissent being reported from Conservative ranks that the proposals will not solve the "housing crisis" and that they will need to be "beefed up," so the responses from developers, Council's and registered social landlords to this current round of consultations will be awaited with interest.

This current consultation seeks views on the additional policy proposals which cover a range of matters (including the introduction of starter homes and discounted market homes within the definition of "affordable housing" in Annex 2 of the NPPF). It also sets out a series of further consultation questions.

The consultation papers published today comprise:

  1. NPPF Consultation Proposals; 
  2. NPPF Draft Text for Consultation;
  3. Draft Planning Practice Guidance for Viability;
  4. Housing Delivery Test- draft measurement rule book.

In addition, the government has published a separate consultation paper - Supporting Housing Delivery Through Developer Contributions. This document follows on from an earlier announcement in the Autumn Budget 2017. The government's objective here is to seek reforms to the existing system of developer contributions (through CIL and Section 106 Agreements), in the short term which it hopes will benefit the ". local authorities who administer them, developers who pay them and the communities in which development takes place".

The consultation period on all of the above the draft proposals and reforms runs until 11.45pm on 10 May 2018. In the meantime the government plans to publish additional draft planning practice guidance relating to the above proposals later this week.

Our planning team is reviewing the government's proposals in more detail and will upload a series of briefing notes on specific areas covered in the consultation documents to the Shoosmiths website this week.


This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is recommended that specific professional advice is sought before acting on any of the information given.