Public procurement: Revised thresholds

Public procurement: Revised thresholds


Author: Jaime Moore

On 2 December 2011, the European Commission announced (Regulation 1251/2011) that it would be raising the advertising thresholds under the public procurement rules, with effect from 1 January 2012.

The new thresholds will apply to the Public Sector Rules, the Utilities Rules, and the Defence Procurement Rules, for the next two years.

If you are a public sector buyer, you need to apply these rates from January. If you are a supplier to the public sector, you will need to know which supply contracts are caught and will have to be tendered out.

The following day, the Commission published a Communication, announcing conversion rates for the new thresholds for non-euro zone Member States. This includes the UK.

The new thresholds are set out in the table below, or you can click here to view the Commission's Regulation on the Euro thresholds, and here for the sterling values. You'll see that the thresholds have gone up, but only slightly.

Public contracts

  Current threshold Revised threshold 

 Supply and services contracts - central

 government bodies





 Supply and contracts - other

contracting bodes





 Works and works concession contracts    






Utilities contracts and defence contracts


 Current threshold

Revised threshold 
 Supply and services contracts     





 Works and works concession contracts