The Challenge for In-house Lawyers.

The demands on your time have never been greater.

You've told us that the sheer volume, complexity and varied nature of the work you face is at an all-time high. Not to mention the increased regulatory burden now faced by all businesses.

Keeping accurate track of the matters undertaken by your team has become extremely difficult, let alone supervising the work outsourced to external advisers.

Despite this, technology providers have been slow to respond with solutions designed specifically to help you meet these challenges head on.

Introducing matters+

A collaboration from Shoosmiths, Matters+ is an innovative legal management solution designed by lawyers for lawyers to help you and your team track, analyse and manage your workload.

Matters+ provides real-time visibility of the performance, budget and value of your in-house legal team.

It will help you manage internal budgets, maximise value from your external legal spend and identify trends affecting your business to help you proactively manage risk.



Matters+ is a cloud-based software application, so your lawyers' matter-related information is accessible wherever they are on any device.

It will provide you with a single source of the truth and drive collaboration both internally and with your external law firm advisers.

Matters+ will help you manage the significant volumes of matters that pass through your department each year, enhance your productivity and support you to provide better outcomes for your internal clients.

Take advantage of the secure vault for your important contracts, prompting you of upcoming key dates, like break, notice and expiry dates, to put you back in control of your contract portfolio.

Better manage your external advisers with the "rate my advisor" tool to ensure that you are accessing the very best support for your business.

Matters+ will help you move from guess work and intuition about the work you do, to data-driven decision making and consolidate fragmented data into a single, secure, cloud-based environment.