Prevention of illegal working

Prevention of illegal working



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You are under obligation to carry out and record checks to ensure individuals have the right to work in the UK before allowing them to begin work. If you do not carry out appropriate checks, you will have no defence and can be liable to pay a heavy civil penalty if found to have employed someone illegally.

Course description

This course provides you with critical information related to the rights of individuals to work in the UK and important guidance for dealing with problems that arise during checks of eligibility to work here.

Topics covered include

  • consequences of employing illegal workers
  • who can work in the UK?
  • individuals subject to immigration control
  • checking the right to work in the UK
  • problems arising during checks

What you will learn

  • the consequences of employing illegal workers
  • who is subject to immigration control
  • how to carry out the necessary employment checks to ensure legal compliance
  • describe the consequences of employing illegal workers
  • identify the nationalities of those who can work in the UK without a visa
  • identify the nationalities of those who require visas or other arrangements to work in the UK
  • identify documents that evidence someone's right to work in the UK
  • describe the steps involved in carrying out document checks
  • establish whether the documents presented are genuine
  • process the documents appropriately
  • take appropriate steps if an employee disputes a check
  • anticipate problems that might emerge while conducting checks
  • recognise when it is appropriate to refer the matter to UK Visas and Immigration (previously the UK Borders Agency)

Who is this course for?

This course provides valuable guidance to anyone working in a human resource capacity or managers generally on how to carry out such checks and record the process effectively.

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