Recruiting fairly

Recruiting fairly



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Recruitment can represent a high-volume, almost continuous activity in which you must deal with the complexities of employment law at every step. This is necessary to avoid the risk of discrimination claims being brought to Employment Tribunals and to manage expectations of applicants and employees. A carefully designed recruitment procedure, conducted by those well-informed of the potential pitfalls, will significantly reduce the risk of the company being the target of claims of discrimination.

Course description

This course will provide you with critical information and valuable practical guidance on dealing with common problem areas associated with recruitment and how you can best protect your business.

Topics covered include

  • the Equality Act 2010 and its impact on recruitment
  • protecting the business against claims of discrimination
  • job descriptions and person specifications
  • advertising and the application process
  • the offer

What you will learn

  • conduct a legally fair recruitment process
  • avoid or deal with typical problems associated with recruitment
  • manage and maintain appropriate recruitment records in order to protect your business
  • conduct a legally compliant recruitment process
  • identify where in the recruitment process discrimination may arise
  • write Job Descriptions excluding all bias
  • write Person Specifications containing only criteria justified by specific job performance
  • conduct advertising and shortlisting processes which minimize the risk of discrimination
  • identify and implement appropriate 'reasonable adjustments' to the application process where required by compliance with the Equality Act 2010
  • arrange and conduct interviews that limit the risk of discrimination
  • communicate an offer of employment

Who is this course for?

This course will be valuable for anyone working in a human resource capacity or any manager or other employee responsible for any aspect of the recruitment process.

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