Nicholas Holland

Nicholas Holland

Nicholas Holland
Head of Commercial - Thames Valley

  • T: 03700 86 8754
  •  I: +44 (0)118 965 8754
  • M: +44 (0)777 497 5559
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Nick is an international technology and data privacy lawyer, specialising in global outsourcing transactions and assisting multinationals in global privacy compliance. Formerly an in house counsel, Nick is one of very few lawyers in the world specialising in undertaking Binding Corporate Rules and CBPR procedures and assits companies on complying not only with GDPR but also other privacy laws around the world, aswell as dealing with DSAR's and data breaches globally. Nick is also a DPO for some of his clients.

My education:

BA Literae Humaniores ( Pembroke College, Oxford University)

CPE ( College of Law)

LSF ( College of Law)