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Robin Cooke

Robin Cooke

Robin Cooke
Forensic Accountant

  • T: 03700 864215
  •  I: +44 (0)121 625 4215

Robin (E&Y alumni) has combined work in the Legal Arena (Forensic Accountant) and Board roles for almost two decades.

He was previously with Neil Hobden at Benussi and has had mention in Legal 500 as a forensic accountant. His casework has primarily been Family Law and PI/Clinical Negligence together with some commercial cases. An early reported case was Thomas Witter Ltd -v- TBP Industries Ltd which is important as regards valuations, misrepresentaion and effective accounts warranties.

Robin has been appointed expert by various Presidents of the Institute of Chartered Accountants including Valuation cases. He has had expert involvment in over 500 cases with roughly half being Family Law. Jurisdictions in which he has worked or had case conduct include China, Guernsey and Scotland.

Robin's first main board plc directorships were in his early thirties and he has built up a significant range of industry knowledge from board positions including Financial Services, Hotel & Leisure, Property, Manufacturing and Media. He focuses on straightforward advice and practical solutions drawing on Industry and Financial skills.

His articles have covered Family Law and PI Forum magazines.

In his leisure time he enjoys cruises, visiting islands and writing occassionally for Scottish Islands Explorer magazine or other publications.