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Tim Jackson-Smith

Tim Jackson-Smith

Tim Jackson-Smith

  • T: 03700 865774
  •  I: +44 (0)161 954 5774
  • M: 07885 651661

Throughout his career Tim has operated at the highest level in a number of organisations and has a wide range of corporate/commercial legal experience acting on a number of high profile transactions in both the public and private markets. He has nearly 25 years’ experience as a corporate lawyerand over the last 7 years has held senior management (CEO and Chairman) and NED roles in several listed companies – Bglobal plc, MBL Group plc and Source BioScience plc. The experiences he has had outside of private practice have given him a distinctive skill set that sets him apart from his peer group and his advice and guidance is borne of first-hand experience of having to actually make and live with the consequences of commercial decisions. Tim also understands the dynamics of the board room, has developed CEO to CEO relationships with a number of businesses and having sat on the other side of the fence can deliver advice that is considered and relevant. Having been a purchaser of legal services for over 7 years gives Tim a unique insight into what clients are looking for from their lawyers.

My education:

LLB (Hons) 2:1 ( Leicester University )

Law Society Finals (First Class Honours) ( College of Law, York )