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Developing strategy & strategic dexterity

A leadership module from Shoosmiths Academy

About this course

Many organisations are facing unprecedented change. Whilst traditionally organisations may have built strategies to last five to ten years and then focused on implementation, the need to adapt and change has never been greater. Developing a strategy for three years is becoming common place. This course will provide a clear framework for developing and effectively assessing your strategy in action, whether that is for your organisation, department or team. 

What will you learn

  • how to create a strategy aligned to your organisational goals and purpose
  • understanding the difference between a vision, mission and your purpose
  • how to define and co-create strategic goals
  • working with ambiguity  
  • assessing the external factors impacting your organisation 
  • to be able to think strategically whilst acting operationally 
  • creating meaningful measures aligned to organisational goals 

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed to support both existing or newly appointed leaders and senior managers to develop their skills to be a more effective leader. Previous participants have included heads of department, general counsel and directors.

Course format

Course duration: 6 hours

Method of delivery: classroom facilitation

How to book

This course can be booked by speaking with Paul Vissian, Learning & Development Manager or Katherine Elgenia, Digital Learning Specialist. 

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