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Effectively leading a team of teams

A leadership module from Shoosmiths Academy

About this course

Research has shown that fixed hierarchical structures can prevent organisations from being able to adapt and change to the market conditions or organisational needs. Furthermore, traditional fixed team structures do not always exist in the modern work place.

Leaders and senior managers may lead more than one team. Project teams are often created temporally to achieve a specific organisational goal and then disbanded where members return to other teams. Teams and team members can also be dispersed across multiple locations.

This course not only explores how to effectively lead a team but how to lead a team of teams. 

What will you learn

  • what makes a real team
  • why teams fail and how they can succeed 
  • what makes a team effective 
  • how teams learn and grow
  • a new model for building a team of teams

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed to support both existing or newly appointed leaders and senior managers to develop their skills to be a more effective leader. Previous participants have included heads of department, general counsel and directors.

Course format

Course duration: 6 hours

Method of delivery: classroom facilitation

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