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Shoosmiths response to COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread we are undertaking a series of measures to:

1. protect our employees;

2. provide continuity of support to our clients; and

3. work with critical elements of our supply chain to enable us to fulfil 1 and 2

Shoosmiths senior leadership, including our Chairman, CEO, COO, business support Directors and business unit heads, are meeting virtually as and when required to consider and act upon developments regarding COVID-19.

Examples of action that we have undertaken include:

  • as a long-standing agile employer enabling our Partners/employees to work from home;
  • ensuring our disaster recovery arrangements remain fit for purpose;
  • testing our internal communications mechanisms so as to be able to react quickly and effectively with any guidance/action required by our employees; 
  • reaffirming risk assessment regarding travel and minimising travel generally, through increased use of conference calls, Webinar-type facilities etc; and
  • postponing/cancelling events and hosting Webinars instead

As a multi-site UK law-firm with 13 locations, we are well-placed to serve our clients from alternative locations, including working from home as the need has arisen. However, with the evolving status of the coronavirus we believe it is necessary to assess our abilities to respond rapidly and in good order on an on-going basis. We have a well-established business continuity policy which includes the undertaking of at least annual simulation exercises to test our approaches and responses. This is a Board sponsored and participated in exercise which enables us to finesse and evolve our policy as required.
Regular updates are provided to staff and they have also been directed to the UK Government website to ensure that any information they seek is accurate and up to date. We continue to communicate with Shoosmiths personnel as and when circumstances change, including through a special section of the firm’s intranet.

To help our clients we have developed a dedicated area on our website covering legal, regulatory and commercial issues associated with COVID-19. This is frequently updated with new content and details of webinars. For ease of reference, link is: Shoosmiths coronavirus hub.

If you require any assistance with coronavirus-related issues, do get in touch with your usual Shoosmiths contact or email [email protected]

Updated 24 April 2020



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