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The Property Developers Guide to Construction Law – How construction contracts treat “money” ... and how to deal with contractors who want more money

The new year sees the programme restart with an explanation of why contractors really make claims.


 Shoosmiths London


Thursday, 2 March 2023


 08:30 - 10:30


 Free to attend


This session explains why contractors really make claims and how to distinguish between underserving and deserving claims.

Our experts will discuss an examination of:

  • Claims made “under” the contract
  • Claims for “breach” of the contract
  • The importance of the linking of cause and effect in any claim
  • What is recoverable as “loss and expense”
  • Notice Requirements (and getting around them)
  • What makes a good claim?
  • What makes a bad claim?
  • “Global” or “Rolled Up” claims


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