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Future Shoos - The housing market

This is the latest podcast in our ‘Future Shoos 2030’ series, created and delivered by associate lawyers from across Shoosmiths.

This is the last episode in the mini-series from Solent-based real estate lawyer, Georgina Massey; planning lawyer, Grace Mitchell; and managing director of Seaward Homes, Steve Culpitt, who throughout the series have been future gazing towards 2030 to predict the big issues that will be impacting the real estate market on the south coast and the actions developers can take to manage these challenges. Some of the points discussed in this podcast include:

The nuances of the housing market in the south

  • Affordability
  • Government incentives
  • The role of the planning system
  • Sustainability
  • The challenge of home ownership

Listen to the podcast here - 



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