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Real Estate IHL series

The Real Estate IHL series of webinars covers bite-size topics designed for a half hour coffee break and focuses on topics that we think are most pertinent to the Real Estate IHL community.

This page sets out the upcoming webinars in our series as well as the recordings of previous webinars and links to the key takeaway points we produce from each webinar discussion. All of the sessions are based on what in-house lawyers have told us is most relevant to them and we have kept them bite-size so they don’t take up too much of your time.

In addition, we have regular insights and guides available, including comprehensive business support measures and business continuity guides, to help you through this unprecedented time.

We are keen to encourage engagement and dialogue through the pandemic so have also set-up an IHL community site for you to liaise more easily with your peers in a secure community.

Please register your interest here and we will send you the registration details.

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Thought this was possibly the most useful seminar I have attended since working

Past webinars in our real estate IHL series

Read the key takeaways and commentary from our past webinars in our Real Estate IHL series or you can explore all Shoosmiths events & webinars.