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Trading internationally? The new data protection SCCs and European guidance explained

Businesses trading internationally are challenged with legitimising their data transfers. Schrems 2.0 created uncertainty and Brexit is around the corner.





 Tuesday, 1 December 2020


 15:00 - 15:45


 Free to attend

The main safeguard used, the Standard Contract Clauses, has now been updated by the EU Commission for consultation to take into account the modern commercial world, GDPR changes and Schrems 2.0 risks. Also, the European Data Protection Board has produced guidance that you must comply with if your business trades internationally. We’ll be discussing what you will need to do and by when, with practical guidance. You will need a plan: every business will need to take some action.

So that we can ensure the discussion is as useful and relevant as possible, please let us know any questions that you might have when completing the online RSVP form below.