Shoosmiths helps businesses take control in a crisis with free workflow tool

Shoosmiths helps businesses take control in a crisis with free workflow tool


Author: Kellie Young

National law firm Shoosmiths has launched a free Crisis Management tool to help businesses avoid making costly mistakes in a crisis.

The Crisis Management flowchart has been devised to help managers identify key dangers, risk areas and opportunities for their business.

The first 12 hours matter in a crisis, and delays in those crucial early hours represent an opportunity missed. The free tool highlights critical questions that managers should ask at the outset of any crisis and helps them to think strategically across a variety of issues.

Shoosmiths commercial partner, Kath Livingston, said: 'When a crisis hits, the fall-out can be startling. The biggest mistake that a business can make is to fail to take control at the start to positively influence the outcome and limit financial and reputational damage. Our Crisis Management flowchart helps managers to retain control of the situation by arming them with the knowledge and tools to deal with a crisis situation effectively.'

The Crisis Management flowchart walks managers through the process from initial fact-finding, liaising with regulators, dealing with insurers and handling the media right through to managing serious product, contractual or health and safety failings.

The free tool can be downloaded from the Shoosmiths website on this link or email [email protected] for a free copy of a wallet/purse size version.