Mindfulness is on the agenda at Shoosmiths

Mindfulness is on the agenda at Shoosmiths


Author: Kara Shadbolt

National law firm Shoosmiths welcomed the renowned mindfulness teacher and consultant, Michael Chaskalson, into its Birmingham office to train board members and partners on Friday, as part of the firm's learning and development agenda.

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Caroline White-Robinson and Michael Chaskalson

Michael is one of the UK's leading mindfulness teachers and author of The Mindful Workplace.

The workshop, which was held at Shoosmiths' Birmingham office on Colmore Row, focused on mindfulness for professionals and how, by using mindfulness techniques, this can assist not only in business but also in the general wellbeing of the person participating.

Studies at Harvard University in particular have shown that after just eight weeks of training there is a significant increase in brain grey matter concentration in areas associated with sustained attention, emotional regulation and perspective taking. The training also increases activity in your left prefrontal cortex - a predictor of happiness and well-being. It also boosts the body's immune response.

Training also gives participants more insight into emotions and it increases attention span and concentration. It's been shown to help with stress, hypertension, heart disease and chronic pain and raise one's level of emotional intelligence and improve relationships.

Michael Chaskalson, said: 'Shoosmiths is showing some really enlightened leadership in this area - demonstrating their understanding that the mind-states that people bring to their work is as important as their technical expertise. When professionals are better able to work with their mental and emotional states this is better for the firm, their clients, their families and the wider society.'

Caroline White-Robinson, head of learning and development at Shoosmiths, said: 'It was a pleasure to spend time with Michael last week and to gain a real insight in to mindfulness techniques which, when properly adopted, can build upon effectiveness and wellbeing.

'It sounds surprising, but clients have actually asked us whether we adopt mindfulness techniques. It is great to be able to show that we are adopting such practices.'