Shoosmiths launches data protection e-learning tool

Shoosmiths launches data protection e-learning tool


Author: Sophie Llewhelin

Data protection specialists at national law firm Shoosmiths have launched a data protection e-learning tool to help businesses which process personal data to stay within the law.

Data Protection compliance is reaching the top of the governance agenda for many organisations. All businesses which process personal data must comply with Data Protection legislation and for some this is something of a black hole.

Aisling Duffy, head of data protection at the firm said: "Failure to comply could have a significant impact on your business, resulting in an investigation and/or enforcement action by the Information Commissioner's Office - the regulator responsible for enforcing compliance with the Act.

"Fines of up to £500,000 can be given for a serious breach, not to mention significant brand damage, plus loss of customer trust and confidence."

Duffy continued: "Ultimately, organisations rely on their employees to comply with the requirements of the Act, but staff can only be expected to do so if they are aware of the Act, what it requires, and what this means in relation to their particular roles.

"With this in mind, we've developed an interactive and user-friendly e-learning course that can be taken by employees at their work station, making it much easier for management to ensure employees are aware of and understand their obligations under the Act.

"The tool contains an evaluation programme enabling organisations to demonstrate that employees are fully aware of the Act and, more importantly, understood the training they received. It will also let you track who has completed and passed the training - and who has not!"

Because it is hosted by Shoosmiths, the e-learning tool requires minimum IT department involvement, and can:

  • be adapted to include details of and links to your data protection policies
  • contain your logo/branding and a senior management voiceover to emphasise the importance of compliance and your commitment to it
  • notify results of the evaluation and generate management reports
  • be accessed at any time via the internet
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