Vision zero approach to health and safety on the agenda

Vision zero approach to health and safety on the agenda


Author: Perry Buck

National law firm Shoosmiths, in conjunction with behavioural safety consultancy Ryder Marsh, hosted a world-class health and safety event today in collaboration with a top US institution.

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L-R John Dony, Gary Rosenblum (Campbell Institute), Hayley Saunders (Shoosmiths), Tim Marsh (Ryder Marsh) and Ron Reid (Shoosmiths)

The seminar in Birmingham was offered to businesses across the country, with 70 people attending. Presented by the Campbell Institute, the event offered attendees the ability to learn the proven key principles for delivering world-class Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance - and how to instill a 'vision zero'.

Many leading business, environmental, health, safety and sustainability organisations aspire to achieve zero incidents, injuries, and fatalities within their organisation.

Yet aspiration is not the same as commitment, and many more organisations struggle to achieve this vision than succeed in moving toward it.

The seminar looked at what differentiates those who have seen significant progress in this field and what are the common factors amongst organisations that truly commit to and achieve world class EHS performance and what holds organisations back.

The Campbell Institute was formed from the first 10 winners of the Campbell Award, the most prestigious award in the US for EHS.

Shoosmiths thanked Tim Marsh for the opportunity and was delighted that John Dony and Gary Rosenblum visited the firm from the Campbell Institute in the US to deliver the seminar and give everyone the very latest insight into the role of EHS performance around the world.

Shoosmiths' senior associate and health and safety expert, Hayley Saunders, said: 'To have the calibre of speakers such as John and Gary talking to a Birmingham business audience is a great opportunity for UK business people to hear about the vision zero principal straight from the horse's mouth.

'This event shows how productive and valuable it is to pull world-class experts into Birmingham to help share best practice. We understand that EHS is fundamental to operational and financial performance for all businesses, and at Shoosmiths we seek to work with organisations of all sizes and sectors, to achieve and sustain excellence.'