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MK office gets their bake on for National cupcake week

As part of National Cupcake Week, the different departments within the MK office battled to be crowned the best cupcake makers and decorators.

MK office gets their bake on for National cupcake weekThe cupcakes were sold post competition with funds going to Ride High, the MK office’s chosen charity of the year.Ride High is a charity dedicated helping disadvantaged children. Over 80 children attend Ride High every week for up to a year and follow a programme of structured learning which includes learning to ride and care for horses and associated clubroom projects.

On Wednesday 19th September 2018, budding bakers entered into the following three categories:

  • Best horse related cupcake
  • Best flavour combination cupcake
  • Accurate speed icing round

The third round involved a member of each department volunteering on the day to ice three cupcakes with the neatest and most accurate horse face under time pressure.

A representative from Ride High kindly came into the office to help judge the competition. The results were as follows:

Best horse themed cakes

1st Real Estate (horse decorated cakes)

2nd Wealth protection (carrot cakes/decorated with carrots on top)

3rd Prop Lit (mint chocolate polo theme cakes)

Best flavour combination cakes

1st Real Estate (G&T flavoured cakes)

2nd Commercial (Marmalade flavoured cakes)

3rd Corporate (Pina Colada flavoured cakes)

Accuracy speed icing

1st Real Estate

2nd Comm Lit/Reg

3rd Corporate

The competition was a great success with high participation from the MK office and over £55.00 being raised for Ride High.


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