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Nottingham office concludes successful two year partnership with the Nottingham Womens Centre

Nottingham Women’s Centre (NWC) was chosen by the office originally in 2016/2017 because of the breadth of service it provides to so many women in the area.

Working with the charity not only highlighted the services provided to women to a whole new group of people, but we also felt that as a small group of people local to NWC, we could make a real difference in lots of ways which would not only have a positive impact on those who work and use the facilities within NWC but on our staff too. NWC were enthusiastic and keen to engage with us and there were opportunities for everyone to get involved if they chose to, whether it be hands-on or donating some money when we ran charity fundraising events in the office which is really important for us when working with a charity and, because we felt we could continue to make a difference, we chose to continue to support NWC for a second year.

The most memorable project was the redecoration of two rooms at the centre. We were delighted to be given such a project to work on – it’s great to see something turn out so well and to know that the rooms will make such a difference to those using the spaces and everyone who worked on the project really enjoyed getting stuck in.

We’ve also been able to offer practical legal advice to women who use NWC, advice on lease queries and business continuity planning, invited the charity to use our meeting room space for meeting and also donated some furniture and stationery supplies.

We are a generous community of people all with different strengths and talents to bring to our chosen charity, no matter how big or small that contribution is, it’s very highly valued. Whether it’s getting involved in something like the decorating project, pulling together a lunchtime fundraising event, baking a cake, coming up with a quiz etc., each event brings people together who may not always get chance to work together, builds rapport, strengthens relationships, gives those helping out pride in what they’re doing, an opportunity to learn a new skill/gain confidence in something they want to know how to do, creates great teamwork and gives people an opportunity to help in many different ways.

During the two year partnership we were able to raise £8,393.

Aga Kelly, Communications and Partnerships Manager at Nottingham Women’s Centre commented ‘We are most grateful for the support received from Shoosmiths over the last couple of years. We were very lucky to be chosen as their charity of the year back in 2016 and again in 2017, during which time we’ve benefited tremendously from their financial support, the use of their meeting rooms for our staff away days, practical legal and other professional advice for both the centre and the women accessing our services. In 2017/2018 specifically, Shoosmiths continued to support us financially and took on a project of redecorating two rooms at the centre. A wonderful team of volunteers spent two days clearing out and then painting and decorating the previously neglected rooms. The rooms were transformed beyond recognition; now welcoming and warm they provide the much needed safe space for women. Thanks to Shoosmiths’ support and generosity more women have been able to achieve great things!’

Aga Kelly, Communications and Partnerships Manager, Nottingham Women’s Centre


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