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Shoosmiths donates used IT equipment to computer projects in Africa, India, Pakistan and the UK

We work with partner organisations to ensure that equipment that can no longer be used within the business is re-used or recycled by others.

Since 2008, Shoosmiths has donated redundant IT equipment to Computer Aid International, a charity that helps disadvantaged communities to access digital equipment that will improve their lives. Computer Aid takes the equipment, wipes the data from it and donates it to different programmes across the world. Our computers typically have a five-year life and by donating them in this way we can extend the life of our equipment by another three to four years.

Shoosmiths donates used IT equipment to computer projects in Africa, India, Pakistan and the UKDuring 2017/2018, 446 IT assets were donated (3,313 kg) to Computer Aid. Of the 446 items donated 237 units were re-used (1,726 kg) and 209 (1,587 kg) were recycled with the re-used assets sent to one project in India, five projects in Africa and two in the UK. (34% to India, 22% to Togo, 16% to Burkina Faso, 12% to Ethiopia, 8% to Zambia, and 8% to the UK). No assets went to landfill as Computer Aid’s downstream partners operate a manual disassembly process, breaking down items to their constituent parts which are then sent to specialist refiners for re-use and recycling.

London Computer Recycling, UK, India, Pakistan
The company’s aim is to achieve as near to 100% re-use or recycling as possible. It has several community projects in India and Pakistan. Local distributors in these countries make use of re-usable computers by selling them at a subsidised cost to schools and individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford a computer. This benefits the local economy by providing a stable business for distributors and a low cost solution for young entrepreneurs who need a computer to start their businesses. It also helps local schools who cannot afford high-end equipment to access technology for their students.

Atlantic Telecom, Togo
Atlantic Telecom is a private West African telecom company. Its branch in Togo bought computers to build digital libraries all around the country through its CR department. It previously had one of Computer Aid’s ZubaBoxes in 2012 which travelled round the country with Miss Togo to raise awareness for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) education.

The Association Evangelique d’Appui Development (AEAD), Burkino Faso
AEAD is a West African non-governmental organisation that has operated in Burkina Faso for over 20 years. AEAD addresses the root causes of poverty by fully involving and empowering the local community. A core part of its programme is the provision of education opportunities. It runs and manages over 80 schools and literacy programmes.

Rainbows4Children, Ethiopia
Rainbows4children is an independent foundation set up in memory of Nicolas Robinson and provides education for children in Ethiopia, primarily the children of adults with disabilities. It has set up two schools, a training centre and an adult learning centre. Computer Aid International has been supporting the Nicolas Robinson School in Ethiopia since 2009 when it sent its first container of ICT equipment to its primary school. It has since grown to become the second best school in Tigray. The school was originally dedicated to disabled war veteran families, and as such, there is no selection process at the school.

Ethiopian Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society (EKTTS)
Computer Aid sent our used equipment to EKTTS, its Ethiopian partner hub which works with local government to set up ICT labs in primary and secondary schools across the country.

SchoolNET, Zambia

With SchoolNET Zambia, Computer Aid is running one of its eClasses projects to bring equipment and training to primary and secondary schools. SchoolNET promotes the integration and use of ICT in teaching and learning in educational institutions in Zambia by assisting them to set up their ICT.

Evolve Housing, UK
Evolve Housing is a leading homelessness charity in London providing supported housing for homeless people across eight London boroughs, working with 2,000 people each year. It provides a solution to homelessness through shelter, support and advice to over 700 people each day, who would otherwise be homeless. Computer Aid supplied the charity with Shoosmiths laptops for its beneficiaries.

Milestone Community Training Centre, UK
Milestone Community Training (MCT) is an independent training provider established in 2015 which provides training for employers and individuals to learn and develop skills, with the view to encourage wider participation from hard to reach and disadvantaged individuals from any background. Improving skills is a priority for MCT, especially among those individuals who lack the basic skills for employability. Shoosmiths equipment has been donated for use in ICT training modules.

Alice Walker-Mitchell, Marketing Officer at Computer Aid International commented ‘‘Shoosmiths’ generous donations of equipment help us to complete life-changing work around the world, we’re grateful that they continue to support our work and that they share our goal of re-use where possible.’


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