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Shoosmiths wellbeing newsletter

During Covid-19, many colleagues have shifted to home working, but one way that the Birmingham office has been keeping in touch with one another is through their weekly Wellbeing Newsletter.

For a while now, Shoosmiths has had a national Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions network, made up of colleagues who volunteer their time to promote mental health and general wellbeing within their respective offices.

In mid-March, when the pandemic caused the Birmingham office to begin working from home, it became clear that these unprecedented and uncertain times could lead to increased stress and anxiety. So, within 2 weeks of the move to home working, the Birmingham team of champions established a weekly Wellbeing Newsletter for the office.

Each Friday morning, the office is sent a roundup of positive news stories, top working from home tips and fun activities for the weekend to come, as well as signposting to internal support. Each week a different wellbeing related theme is chosen, and a variety of resources are provided to support the promotion of that topic. So far, this has included sections on nutrition, kindness, dealing with stress, staying social and many more. For those in a rush, there is always the riddle of the week to get the mind working, or a thought for the day to get the minding pondering. But unsurprisingly, the most popular section is always the pet of the week!

The newsletter has been one part of our ongoing mental health and wellbeing plan at Shoosmiths, which has evolved week to week in response to colleagues’ needs – including new content and signposting to resources for employees, webinars, recognising Mental Health Awareness Week, and more.


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