Sue is a partner and national head of the Court of Protection team. She has over 25 years of experience supporting clients who have suffered serious injuries and disabilities, particularly clients who have serious brain injuries or who lack mental capacity. 

Sue is a passionate advocate for people who are vulnerable or have disabilities and through her work she is committed to improving their quality of life. Sue's work as a Court of Protection deputy and a trustee enables her to make a real difference to the lives of disabled clients and their families by arranging care, housing, therapies and equipment.

Sue is an Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) panel deputy for property and finances, one of only approximately 70 such OPG-appointed panel deputies nationwide. She is also a panel guardian for missing people. These appointments mean that the OPG and Court of Protection refer cases directly to Sue for her to manage the property and finances of people who lack mental capacity to do so themselves or are missing.

Sue's work is very varied, including managing settlements through personal injury trusts for clients who choose to place their awards into a trust, through to acting as a professional Court of Protection deputy.

Sue is very experienced in applying the principles of the Mental Capacity Act to determine whether clients have capacity, and also in making decisions on behalf of those who do not. Her clients include children who suffered injuries at birth, adults who have acquired brain injuries, and those with degenerative neurological conditions such as dementia.

Primarily through Sue's work as an OPG panel deputy, she has conducted many cases in the Court of Protection where there are ongoing disputes.

Examples of Sue's work are:

  • implementing and overseeing many 24/7 care packages, including directly employing many teams of care staff;
  • purchasing properties to be adapted for clients, commissioning the adaptations, negotiating terms and overseeing the performance of the building contracts;
  • advising in safeguarding issues;
  • appointment as health and welfare deputy, as well as financial deputy; and
  • provided training to many charities and support organisations on matters such as mental capacity and the Court of Protection.

Sue is the chair of trustees for "Headway Portsmouth and South East Hampshire" which supports adults with acquired brain injuries and their families.



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