Corporate & partnership structures

Corporate & partnership structures

When it comes to corporate structures, one size really does not fit all.

The structure through which a business operates can have a significant effect upon the financial return from that business and its ability to react to changing circumstances.

The commercial impact - good or bad - of a chosen corporate structure can be enormous.

We advise on the practical impact of those structures on your business, and not just the legal aspects.

We look past the traditional form of company or partnership and consider limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, contractual joint ventures and beyond.

The key factors we look at are:

  • Type of venture (for example, is it a single project or an ongoing business? Is it operating in a regulated environment?)
  • Tax (How will profits and reliefs on losses be treated?)
  • Finance (Who is providing funding and how? How does the corporate structure affect security?)
  • Liability (Who has it? Can it be restricted?)
  • Control (How are your interests best protected?)
  • Accounting impact (How does the structure interlink with your other business activities?)
  • Exit strategies (What are your future intentions?)

 Recent experience includes:

  • Advising on landmark development projects and the multi-party corporate relationships behind them, such as the £300m joint venture to develop Doncaster Inland Port
  • Advising on public/private sector joint ventures and the impact of potentially conflicting commercial and regulatory pressures on the corporate structure, such as Southampton City Council's local housing project
  • Advising on investing in and fundraising for both public and private company structures, including advising on the innovative My Home Finance project
  • Advising on public sector related structures such as PPPs, LABVs and LHCs, including the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus
  • Advising on the legal form of charities and social enterprises