"Shoosmiths LLP's 'outstanding' debt recovery practice provides a 'fast, knowledgeable and very commercially astute' service to lender and utility clients."

The Legal 500


COTs/COS/deemed rates/live accounts/final accounts.

These are phrases we encounter every day and are able to deal with in an accomplished and professional manner.

Our experienced team of collectors and litigators handle these types of accounts daily.

The service: Letters/outbound telephony/CCJs/insolvency

Shoosmiths undertakes recoveries work on behalf of utilities clients at all stages of collections.

Any stage of collections can be undertaken by the collections team here at Shoosmiths.

The letter before action is tailored to you and sent to the customer seeking settlement of the outstanding balance. It is at the end of that period that we advise what course of action to take next.

Do we suggest outbound calls to make contact, or do we engage with third parties to qualify whether the tenant is still in occupation?

The out bound calls are carried out from the call centre by fully trained staff. They are familiar with the industry FAQs and have access to a wealth of information, which our clients furnish us with at the outset.

Many clients allow us online access to their database, thus allowing us determine gas or electric, and the supply address etc.

We are a compliance-oriented firm, with frequent audits from many clients in differing areas of collections. Should you require specific details, please contact us. We are proud to share these with all our clients.

Litigation and insolvency are used as a last resort. If we get to this stage of collection we have already exhausted all other avenues and made informed decisions on the type of debtor we are to pursue - are they young/old/infirm/at risk? Only then will we recommend proceedings.

We look to alleviate the pressures of outsourcing some collections. We understand the many common queries and work with you to resolve them, with minimal input from you or your staff.

Our online systems allow you freedom to access data and management information dealing with finances, status and costs. More importantly, it allows you to manage the portfolio and discuss it at many levels with your appointed account manager.

Work highlights

  • Dealing with multiple 000's of LBAs per month
  • Exceeded a clients expectations in monthly revenue by 21%
  • We took on a £100k+ meter reading dispute and were able to arrange attendance with the customer and took photographic evidence of the equipment for later expert advice
  • Compiled a complex report for the client within a two-week period, dealing with the top 20 debts for weekly review, along with an aged debt analysis for the client to examine weekly