Disputed wills & trusts

Disputed wills & trusts

Careful estate planning cannot always avoid litigation. Disputes arising from contentious Wills and Trusts can tear families and family businesses apart.

Trust and estate disputes are very demanding in terms of time, money and emotional effort. Cool, objective and effective legal advice and an approach that is sensitive to all the emotional and commercial implications is essential to achieve a resolution in the quickest time possible.

Our specialist team has a wealth of experience in resolving disputes which arise in relation to trust and succession planning.


Aside from dealing with Trust disputes, negligence claims and Will and succession disputes, our expertise ranges from resolving disputes about broken promises - Proprietary Estoppel Claims - to dealing with the Court of Protection and claims involving those lacking capacity.

Our team has acknowledged expertise in handling claims that a person has not been reasonably financially provided for by an estate - Inheritance Act claims) - as well as claims against Executors and Trustees.


We have advised charitable beneficiaries in respect of the defence of a claim surrounding the validity of a Will and assisted beneficiaries in claims against Trustees who failed to make appropriate investments.

Our team has represented the spouse of a substantial Will Trust in relation to her claim under the Inheritance Act and successfully acted for an elderly individual in a multi-million pound property transaction in which it was alleged that our client lacked capacity.

Our expert lawyers advised a director in a family business in respect of his claims to an interest in the company following promises made by family members and we are adept in making applications to the Court of Protection for a contested statutory Will.