Settlement agreements & termination

Settlement agreements & termination

"The team 'provides practical and commercial advice in a timely manner.'"

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Individuals leave their jobs for many reasons; a parting of ways may be amicable or more contentious, but whatever your situation, our large team can negotiate termination arrangements to ensure an orderly exit & maximum protection from future litigation.

Getting the right agreement in place gives all parties the best chance of a 'clean break' so that they can focus on the future, not the past.

We know that every exit is different and can be stressful for those involved. We pride ourselves on helping clients through the process in a calm and informed way to achieve the best outcome for their business.

We have extensive experience of negotiating all sorts of settlement agreements for a vast range of employers (across the private and public sectors) and employees (from the more junior up to board level).

Work highlights

  • Agreeing a package of £250,000 under a settlement agreement for a long-serving civil servant
  • Negotiating a satisfactory exit for a senior executive, including provisions on share options, bonuses and 'good leaver/bad leaver' provisions
  • Agreeing the waiver of restrictive covenants as part of an exit package for a senior sales manager
  • Working with our corporate team colleagues to agree exit packages for senior employees following the sale of businesses
  • Creative solutions for clients, such as outplacement support, retaining company property or benefits post-termination and agreements on future conduct of employees