EPIC: Make your online site or app legally compliant

EPIC: Make your online site or app legally compliant



Your brand is one of your most precious business assets.

When things go wrong, consumers will often vent their complaints via social media, so brands are increasingly vulnerable to online attack.

As from October 1 2015, consumers will enjoy enhanced rights and remedies when buying goods, services and digital content from online retailers. This is likely to result in increased customer complaints.

EPIC has been designed to help address these challenges.

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EPIC provides you with all the information, policies, customer terms and conditions which you need to ensure your website or app is compliant online. We provide you with all the required information, with clearly written and easy to read site documents, which will help build and maintain customer confidence in your online business.

What EPIC covers

EPIC works for any e-commerce business, whether you are selling physical or digital goods, providing an online service, operating an online marketplace or a social media platform. It is equally suitable for 'information only' sites.

EPIC is designed for online businesses whose customers are mainly consumers, but it can be readily adapted for B2B businesses too.

With EPIC, you will get:

  • Compliance action list - of the core legal compliance requirements. This spells out the information you must provide to consumers and what functionality you need to build in to your site or app for legal compliance purposes 
  • Set of site documents - Terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy and other applicable policies e.g. returns policy (for goods) and a content policy for user-generated content, which are all tailored to your business 
  • Support from our legal team from start to finish

- all at a fixed price.

EPIC also includes a number of additional features such as intellectual property protection and advice on competitions and promotions, child protection policies, a review of FAQs and more. We call this EPIC+. If you decide to opt for any of these features, we will include them in our fixed price quotation and we will adapt our process for delivering EPIC to you to include these additional features.

How EPIC works

  • Step 1: We start by discussing your requirements and get to understand your business without charge, including looking at the site, if available.
  • Step 2: We will then provide you with a fixed quote.
  • Step 3: Once we get your 'go ahead', we'll send you the Compliance Action List.
  • Step 4: We'll set up a call to go through the Compliance Action List, answer any queries you have and make sure we have the full picture.
  • Step 5: We'll send you discussion drafts of the Site Documents, along with an explanatory covering email to guide you through them.
  • Step 6: We'll have a follow up call to discuss the Site Documents with you and answer any queries you have.
  • Step 7: We'll produce final versions of the Site Documents and deliver them to you.

Want to know more?

You can download a copy of our EPIC Information flyer on the panel above or if you want to know more, contact a member of the EPIC team on 03700 8945 or email [email protected]