Insurance broker legal support services

Insurance broker legal support services

Our commercial insurance team is renowned for providing a top class service to our insurance broker clients.

We understand that the current insurance market is as tough as it has ever been for brokers. A combination of factors, including greater underwriting restrictions, changes in legislation and increased levels of policy declinatures, has increased the pressure on brokers as you seek to protect your clients' interests and avoid the risk of claims.

And all of this is set against a backdrop of increasing client expectations, with policyholders expecting added value as standard when crisis hits.

Our team of dedicated insurance lawyers have a wealth of experience in supporting brokers and their clients and you will find us practical, down to earth and easy to deal with.

We've developed a range of services specifically tailored to our broker clients as part of our Shoosmiths' Broker Partners (SBP) product. SBP is a flexible product which allows us to work in true partnership with our broker clients, learning your systems and ways of working.

With SBP brokers can mix and match from the following three packages to choose a range of services which works for you:

SBP Direct

  • We assist brokers with legal or regulatory issues, where required
  • Allows brokers to 'troubleshoot' technically complex client queries when they come in, tapping into the knowledge of our friendly specialist team and reducing your risk
  • We offer bespoke training for your team when and where you need it

SBP Refer

  • Allows brokers to refer your clients to us for safe, immediate and discounted legal advice, provided in clear, everyday language, on matters such as late notification, non-disclosure, policy interpretation, breach of warranty and crisis management (e.g. fire or flood, product recall etc)
  • Helps brokers to build goodwill with your clients, who receive pre-agreed 'Broker' discounts on our insurance hourly rates

SBP Value Add

  • Allows brokers to enter into a discounted, annual fixed fee retainer for us to provide direct support to your clients
  • Brokers can 'sell' Shoosmiths' support as a value added extra to gain an edge in the marketplace
  • We provide advice to your clients on insurance related matters (e.g. training support to client claims teams, policy coverage issues, terms and conditions audit, legal advice line)
  • Broker decides how time will be divided between recipient clients, receiving itemised bills