Intellectual property

Intellectual property

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Intellectual property (IP) has become an increasingly important and valuable asset for all charities.

Creations of the mind, such as literary and artistic works, designs, names and logos can be protected by law under one or more of copyright, patents, designs or trademarks. However, while some types of IP apply automatically i.e. without any need for registration, other more complex types of protection need to be registered.

It is not just protecting your charity's image and reputation that is important. In today's connected, online world, safeguarding brand assets, such as your charity's name and research, or getting the right advice on copyright and licensing laws, is essential to protect those assets that may in themselves be valuable sources of revenue.

Our team can work with your charity to identify its core IP and to devise strategies to protect, manage and develop your charity's IP rights.

We call on the acknowledged skills of Shoosmiths' experienced team of IP experts to advise and support charity clients with all aspects of IP, including:

  • IP audits
  • Branding advice
  • Dispute resolution
  • Technology supplier advice
  • ICT risk and compliance advice
  • Guidance on website regulations, defamation, confidentiality, discrimination, consumer law, data protection and your charity's contractual obligations
  • Filing of trademarks and design rights on a global basis

If you want to know more about how we can assist with any of your charity's legal requirements in this area, please contact Angela Bowman on 03700 86 8244 or by email at [email protected] - Angela will refer you to the relevant expert lawyer.