Copyright is perhaps the most diverse intellectual property right, protecting works from books to computer software and from symphonies to broadcast transmissions.

We pride ourselves not only on our specialist knowledge, but also our extensive experience and understanding of the industries that our clients operate in. By working closely together, we are able to assist you in identifying areas of your business which are capable of benefiting from copyright protection and help you maximise the financial rewards through properly protecting and exploiting the same.

Copyright is sometimes a difficult right to prove because ownership, or the right to use the work in question, is disputed. Therefore at the outset of a copyright matter we would take you through "best practice" in order to create a process to confirm ownership or to find the real owner thereby allowing you to license or litigate with certainty.

Our experience has helped many clients including protecting the copyright in circuit diagrams for Mackie Designs Inc, an US music mixer company, against infringement by a German competitor and confirming ownership of the historic Dr Marten's logo against a claim from an Australian company that it owned it.

We are therefore able to simplify the complex world of copyright for you, identify the ownership structure and advise you on the best way to resolve a dispute or exploit your work.

Work highlights

  • On behalf of graphic designers licensing the use of one of their designs as the new logo for an international business
  • Defending an action against a high street name for use of marketing material which allegedly infringed the copyright of a competitor using similar marketing materials
  • Investigating the chain of copyright ownership relating to the sale of a publishing business on behalf of a private equity house
  • Advising online business on providing file sharing services related to music and film content
  • Licensing software code for use in new technology created by university client for spin off business