Database rights

Database rights

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Database rights are not widely known but are incredibly valuable. Companies with customer lists, tables of historic information or marketing mailing lists have databases which can be protected not only by database rights but also with copyright. Where we advise that the database does not fall within the definition required to be protected by database rights we will consider if copyright protection is available (see our page on Copyright).

Databases are not just lists of names and addresses. They can include spreadsheet data, technical specifications, research and databanks. You will want to keep some of your databases secret (e.g. your own customer lists). However, there are an increasing number of situations where you may wish to make some of your databases available to third parties through web sites or in published directories either for free or under a "paid for" subscription.

Where a third party fails to abide by your restrictions for the use of your database and starts using it for its own commercial advantage, we can advise you how to enforce your Database Rights.

Our database services include:

  • Advice on licensing of databases including online terms and conditions
  • Guidance on publishing databases
  • Purchase of databases
  • How to avoid Data Protection issues when dealing with databases
  • Theft of databases by departing employees
  • Other unlawful use
  • Enforcement action against third parties

Work highlights

  • Advising telephone directory business on the misuse of its database by advertisers
  • Licensing the use of data banks created by our client, a global data gathering business, to online services
  • Assisting a high street name with the creation of a set of databases such that they attracted protection of the database right