Intellectual property audits

Intellectual property audits

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Even the most sophisticated of our clients sometimes finds it necessary to stop and take stock of the Intellectual Property in their arsenal. Sometimes it is because they have been through a corporate restructuring or a major rebranding exercise, but often a company can simply lose track of its trade marks, patents and other forms of IP.

Through an IP Audit we can help you to systematically catalogue all the IP owned or used by your business. This includes the obvious IP, such as trade marks and patents, but also the less obvious, such as trade secrets, know-how, databases, domain names and licensed rights.

Increasingly our clients have portfolios of website domain names and social media accounts; sometimes there will be multiple accounts with a variety of administrators. Once an IP audit has identified this kind of IP we can advise on sensible measures for consolidation and rationalisation, ensuring that the public facing company IP is presenting a consistent and coherent message that works for the brand.

Once all of your IP assets have been identified, and their validity ensured, we can then thoroughly analyse their status, importance to your business, value and, importantly, how well they are currently being utilised.

We can also ensure that you have all the necessary policies and protections in place both with employees and externally. You will then be able to concentrate on maximising the potential of your portfolio, protecting and enhancing what works for your business to boost the value of your brand.

Clients whose IP we have recently audited include:

  • A Premier League football club
  • An oil extraction company
  • An international insurance broker