Reputation management & defamation

Reputation management & reputation

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Your organisation's reputation and brand proposition may well be its most valuable asset. It is also the asset most vulnerable to attack, whether from the media, from competitors out to steal market share or from individuals - disgruntled customers or employees with an axe to grind. The internet and the wide variety of social media tools now available enables anyone to publish to potentially millions of people in an instant.

Sometimes attacks can take on a more sinister form - undercover investigative journalists infiltrating organisations, well organised protest groups and campaigns that escalate towards harassment of individuals, breach of privacy rights, physical protests or criminal acts.

The result of a single defamatory publication can be catastrophic - immeasurable and sometimes irretrievable damage to a reputation and brand that has taken decades to establish.

We have a dedicated team of experienced defamation and reputation management lawyers who can help you to control and protect your brand and reputation using a variety of tools. These include defamation, confidentiality and privacy laws, broadcasting and press codes of practice, a PR focused approach and appropriate pressure inflicted in the right places. We recognise that issues involving brand and reputation can be business critical and we work closely with our clients to understand their concerns and objectives and to deliver a bespoke strategy.

Work highlights

Advising a public sector client in relation to a damaging media campaign and planned expose on BBC Panorama

Obtaining an injunction against "persons unknown" to prevent leaks of defamatory and confidential material on Twitter for an airline client

Liaising with a variety of Internet Service Providers to procure the removal of defamatory content from a variety of websites

Working with clients pre-publication in relation to media enquiries, comments and press releases; positively influencing stories and ensuring damage limitation