Tax disputes

Tax disputes

Excellent service and legal advice from team specialising in tax disputes and litigation and legal disputes delivering an amazing client experience for companies in the UK.

Tax disputes are becoming increasingly common in light of the pressure on HMRC to raise as much money as possible. 

We have wide experience of dealing with tax-related disputes involving HMRC enquiries. These cover both direct and indirect taxes. We advise on the full range of issues starting with Aspect enquiries to tribunal cases and beyond. 

We act for individuals, trustees, partnerships and companies.

We also advise in connection with breaches of tax warranties and indemnities, as well as in matters involving professional negligence.

We work closely with our litigation colleagues to provide a seamless and professional service. Our aim is to reach a settlement on any dispute wherever possible by engaging positively and early with HMRC.

This is done in light of HMRC's published Litigation and Settlement Strategy, with which we are very familiar. Our aim is to reduce the impact, both financial and personal, that any such enquiry can have.

Work highlights

  • reducing a claim on an individual for an additional £1m of tax to nil
  • advising professional pension trustees in relation to an HMRC claim
  • obtaining recovery of Customs duties in connection with tariff reduction
  • advice on the Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility