Unsecured lending disputes

Unsecured lending disputes

Excellent service and legal advice from team specialising in unsecured lending disputes and litigation and legal disputes delivering an amazing client experience for companies in the UK.

Within our national recoveries operation for lenders, we have extensive and substantial experience of dealing with disputes arising from unsecured lending.

Many of these disputes arise from our wide-ranging recoveries operations, acting for lenders and debt purchasers in recovering unsecured lending products, including overdrafts, credit cards, loans and guarantees.

Our unsecured lending disputes team, sitting alongside our recoveries colleagues, deal solely with unsecured lending and so are true experts in their fields, with a real focus on the issues facing unsecured lenders on a daily basis.

Many of the unsecured lending disputes we are instructed on relate to lending regulated by consumer credit legislation, and we recognise that the sums involved in any single dispute can be relatively low.

However, the principles involved in any unsecured lending dispute can have wide-ranging consequences for a lender should an adverse finding be made. So we always work with clients to find commercial solutions to disputes that recognise the value of individual claims, whilst protecting your reputation.

We have long-standing relationships with specialist consumer credit counsel who we work with closely where complex technical arguments and points of principle warrant their involvement.

We are also mindful of the increased prevalence of claims management companies in the arena of consumer credit. We take a strong line against such companies to ensure that spurious or generic claims are not tolerated.

We also act for a wide range of clients dealing with unregulated unsecured lending. For example, we have extensive experience of guarantee and indemnity claims.

Our unsecured lending dispute team is commercially focused and comprise paralegals through to partners, ensuring disputes can be dealt with by a suitably experienced member of the team, keeping costs at the right level,

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