Living together & relationship breakdown

Living together & relationship breakdown

Exceptional service from our expert team who can advise on all legal aspects of living together and relationship breakdown.

Shoosmiths' family team has highly experienced lawyers adept at providing expert help to those requiring legal advice on living together. Our services range from drafting a Cohabitation Agreement to addressing the many issues that can arise on the breakdown of a relationship.

There are millions of cohabiting couples in the UK; many of whom are unaware that they have fewer legal rights than those who are married or in a registered civil partnership.

Many people believe that if they have been living with their partner for a length of time they automatically become 'common law husband and wife'. However our jurisdiction does not recognise a "common law marriage".

Shoosmiths family team understand the ending of a live in relationship can be as difficult as a divorce or the dissolution of a registered civil partnership. The emotional upset is often just as great but the remedies, in terms of our financial provision, are very different.

Our experienced family team has the expertise to guide you through the legal complexities. Our clients value the clear, straightforward and realistic advice we provide and our skill in resolving their cases.

Shoosmiths family team can also assist with the arrangements for any children. Our technical expertise and experience of these cases means we can help our clients minimise any conflict on the breakdown of a relationship.

Please contact Neil Hobden in the first instance. He will provide initial diagnostic advice and decide with you which member of our family team is most suitable for your case.