Pension scheme documents

Pension scheme documents

Part of our service to employers and trustees is the preparation and review of pension scheme documents. We pride ourselves on our clearly drafted documents.

Using the Trust Deed and Rules which we have developed and continue to maintain, we have a ready starting point for providing your scheme with up-to-date and legally compliant documents, that continue to reflect the history of your scheme, its balance of trustee and employer powers and benefit structure.

Our work here includes preparation of definitive Trust Deed and Rules, Deeds of Amendment, and communications to members, including member booklets. 

Alternatively, we can assist you by reviewing drafts prepared by other solicitors, benefit consultancies or insurance companies. 

Other pension scheme documents we can assist you with include all standard deeds such as deeds appointing and removing trustees, deeds adding new employers or substituting employers as well as documents around scheme funding and contingent assets.

Our service also covers the review of legal documents you may be required to sign such as investment management agreements and agreements appointing other advisers such as administrators and the scheme actuary.

Work highlights

  • Preparation of draft definitive Trust Deed and Rules required in the context of a scheme closure
  • Draft resolutions ensuring that certain regulatory changes are met
  • Advice to trustees on proposals by the sponsoring employer to make changes to the pension scheme including drafting the necessary scheme documents