Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements

Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements

Exceptional service from expert lawyers with a great deal of experience of drafting effective Nuptial Agreements.

Shoosmiths' family lawyers are experts in the field of private wealth and can prepare Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreements which record what will be the financial consequence of separation or divorce.

These types of nuptial agreement are becoming increasingly common. Such an arrangement can be helpful on a second marriage when the parties may wish to ensure children from a previous marriage are not disadvantaged. It might also be appropriate if one of the parties or families is bringing significantly more assets to the marriage or where there is a business which requires protection.

Whilst Nuptial Agreements are not - as yet- binding on the Courts they will, properly drawn, play an important role on separation or divorce. The Courts are increasingly holding the parties to their terms provided the outcome would not be unfair. This enables the client to avoid what would otherwise be lengthy, expensive and uncertain litigation on separation or divorce.

Shoosmiths' trusted and experienced family lawyers can guide you through the steps needed to protect generational or inherited wealth, ring-fence assets for children of a previous marriage or protect assets or businesses which have been acquired prior to marriage.

It is vital when drafting a Nuptial Agreement to ensure certain formalities are observed. This is essential if the terms agreed are to stand scrutiny should there be a separation or divorce. Our expert solicitors can help you avoid the pitfalls so your Nuptial Agreement will not be vulnerable to costly challenge on separation or divorce.

We can help define what would be considered a fair financial settlement in the various scenarios we recommend are considered. Our clients benefit from our experience of the large number of divorce cases in which our lawyers have been involved where all manner of circumstances and issues have been addressed.

Our experienced family solicitors can also provide practical advice concerning how best to approach what we acknowledge can be a difficult conversation with your fiancée or spouse.

Within the last twelve months Shoosmiths have acted for parties to Pre Nuptial Agreements where the assets were in excess of £100m in each case. Our expert family lawyers work closely with the firm's Wealth Protection team in these cases because often the exercise involves the preparation of Deeds of Trust and new Wills.