Enfranchisement and right to manage

Enfranchisement and right to manage

Our specialist team offer advice and assistance to residential tenants and landlords in this niche area of practice. Residential tenants of long leases are increasingly advised to extend their leases to improve the value and marketability of their flats.

Some group together with other tenants and decide to acquire the freehold of their building or exercise the right to manage for greater control over their service charges.

Equally, landlords require advice on how to defeat such claims, manage the process or may want to dispose of the freehold of a block of flats and require advice on the correct procedure to follow to avoid falling foul of the legislation which protects a tenant's right of first refusal.

Our property litigation team has considerable experience and knowledge relating to the complex legislation in this area and frequently advises both individual tenants and commercial landlords in the enfranchisement process.

How we can assist

Lease extensions:

  • Assisting with statutory and non statutory residential lease extensions
  • Acting for tenants seeking to extend their leases where they have an absentee landlord
  • Advising on the lease extensions of houses

Freehold acquisitions:

  • Assisting tenants to acquire the freehold of their block of flats
  • Acting for landlords on the sale of a freehold building and advising on the right of first refusal
  • Advising tenants seeking to acquire their freehold building where there is an absentee landlord

Right to manage:

  • Assisting tenants take over management of their building
  • Advising landlords who have received a right to manage claim notice
  • Providing information and advice to managing agents on the right to manage process.

Work highlights:

  • Advising an investment landlord on the disposal of a substantial property portfolio to a large pension company involving the serving of over 500 notices of first refusal on tenants.
  • Acting for a group 30 tenants seeking to acquire their freehold building¬†from a large well known landlord based in the South East who had gone into liquidation and thereafter advising the tenants on the grant of extended leases.
  • Acting for an individual seeking to extend their lease where the landlord was absent and later found to be deceased. A successful court vesting order was obtained for the lease extension.