Media & creative industries

Media & creative industries

"Media & Entertainment: Band 1, UK-wide"

Chambers UK 2015

The creative industries, from media, publishing, entertainment and new digital companies to 'IP'-driven businesses like fashion and design, have emerged from the recession as Britain's fastest growing sectors.

The media and creative industries today are characterised by innovation, experimentation and change, with new digital media business models (e.g. 'free to play' combined with e-commerce 'in-app purchases) co-existing or replacing traditional ones. Cross-industry partnerships, collaborations and new sources of finance such as crowd funding are also part of the emerging landscape.

Some fear this disruption and its repercussions. But you see it as an exciting opportunity to expand into new areas, formats and delivery channels and to use social media and technology to know your customers better.

And if you are a new digital media entrant, you know you must move quickly to create a new future, capitalise on the novel ways for consumers and businesses to see, and buy value and to navigate the traditional market whilst being alert to regulatory and other risks.

The winners in the media and creative industries will be those who apply core skills in new ways, who can both preserve and take the best of what we know and combine it with the new digital tools to create works and experiences for consumers that are adapted to the 'always on', networked and multi-platform, multi-device world in which we now live.

The media & creative industries team at Shoosmiths is immersed in these industries and in the emerging digital media markets for more than 20 years. Our work covers the full legal spectrum, including, deals, contracts, regulatory and competition law advice through to technology advice (including cyber- security) and data protection. We also advise on intellectual property strategy, protection and exploitation.

Many of our lawyers actively work with industry bodies, too. We regularly hold and speak at industry events and sit on the boards of industry organisations earning us the reputation of being specialist advisors to the media sector & creative industries, so you can be sure that you will receive the best advice when you need it.

Our media and creative industries team combines in-depth legal know-how with invaluable experience of working in-house for clients and will bring its significant knowledge and experience from working for both traditional content owners and the new digital kids on the block to help you navigate the 'digital shift', create new, legally compliant business models based on a secure approach to your intellectual property. Whatever the future brings.