Digital strategy & business models

Digital strategy & business models

"Laurie is a strategic and imaginative thinker, as well as a skilled and thorough solicitor."



When your business is going digital you need lawyers who think strategically and can act as your guide.

You need lawyers who have been involved with the digital shift from the outset and have worked with both traditional and new content owners, and with the technology enablers and platforms. Lawyers who sees all aspects of the transition from physical to digital.

You need a legal partner who understands the technical complexity, the legal and regulatory context, the industry norms, the commercial imperative and the legal practicalities.

You need someone whom you can trust to help you navigate the unknown territory and craft a robust - possibly innovative - new digital strategy or business model.

As a traditional publisher or content owner, you need lawyers who know the difference between, for example, 'agile' and 'waterfall' approaches for your web project - and who to partner with and how - both technically and commercially.

You need advisers who know as much about technology as they do about putting together compelling commercial deals and contracts whilst keeping an eye on the legal compliance and risks. You will need a legal team who can talk business to your Board and 'talk digital' to your partners and providers.

And if you are a new player, you want lawyers who understand your fast moving world, yet who have been immersed in the traditional, physical world of publishing and who can share their insights with you.

We are the core legal team which advised Pottermore, the new online home of the Harry Potter books, on the initial development of the site. And our clients include many world-leading brands and content owners, as well as an impressive number of the technology providers and game changers.

So we are well equipped to guide you as we work out the business model, structure the commercial elements of the deal, devise a pragmatic and effective strategic intellectual property plan that will underpin your collaborations, partnerships, licences and other commercial arrangements.

Previous work highlights

  • Pottermore project, from inception through to initial development
  • Advised leading international media companies on digital strategy and business models
  • Advise leading publishers on digital strategy
  • Advised consumer electronics company on intellectual property strategy
  • Led Working Group of European Publishers Council on development of its Copyright Vision Paper submitted to European Commission